FAQ | Premium Q Serie

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Why a connected bike?

QWIC knows you just want to cycle and park your bike everywhere without any fear theft or breakdown. Therefore we want to insure you of mobility. Your bike will be “connected to you”.


We enable you to see the location of your bike everywhere. With our additional mobility insurance, we can react quickly and retrieve the bike when stolen. If we cannot retrieve it, your bike is insured.


We design bikes of good quality, but let’s be honest. There can be problems. Imagine you have for example a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Our mobility insurance will pick you up and bring you to your destination.

What is a connected bike?

Your bike has a Hardware and software package which can communicate GPS location of your bike to your smartphone. With this GPS location you will always know where your bike is. 1 year of GPS location services is always included.

Recommended is to upgrade your mobility package with 1 our 4 years Mobility insurance. With this insurance your bike will be retrieved, insured and you will get roadside assistance.

What mobility packages are available?

The mobility insurance needs to be bought 4 weeks after you purchased your new bike. Please go to our app for more information.

Can I also insure my bike without buying the mobility package? Yes, however we advise to go for the mobility insurance package. On average the price is lower because of the GPS and there are more services included.

Mobility Insurance None 1 year 4 years
Price €0,- €149,- €549,-
GPS (Find my bike)
Theft insurance
Roadside assistance

What is the “Own risk” for the mobility insurance?

In case you ever need to make a claim for damage , the cost will be €35.

How do I unlock these services?

You can buy the mobility insurance via our QWIC app. The bike will be insured directly after purchase. Within two weeks ENRA will send out the insurance policy. And no worries, if you bake is stolen within those weeks, we will directly start tracing your bike. If we don’t succeed, the bike will stay insured and be replaced.

In which countries can the mobility insurance be used?

Please check out the Enra optimaal  column.

Where can I find my invoice?

Please login on the following webshop: https://qwic-webshop.login.bike/


Which smartphone devices are compatible with the app?

The app is available for both IOS and Android.

Where can I find my frame number?

The frame number can be found on a sticker placed on the frame behind the front wheel.

Where can I find my IMEI number?

The IMEI number can be found under the battery and near to the top. Keep this number safe and be sure to take a note of this for future reference. If you cannot see the IMEI number then please go to your dealer.

Can I extend the services after they expire?

Yes this is possible. You will get an extension proposal just before the expiration date via email. Extension prices are determined by ENRA.

How will I get notified if my bike moves?

Our app will trigger a notification if the bike it detected to move.
You can set up geofences within the app and get notifications if your bike ever leaves these safe areas in the event of a theft.

What do I do when my bike get’s stolen?

You register you bike inside the app as stolen. This also triggers a police report. Thereafter, you will not be able to see the location of your bike. This is for your own safety. We will locate your bike by GPS and retrieve it. If your bike is not retrieved after 3 weeks. Your bike is insured. *See ENRA optimal casco terms.
QWIC knows you cannot do without your bike, therefore we arranged budget with ENRA for a lease bike. If you require a status update please call Enra: 0228 – 520 000

What should I do when my bike is broken?

Guarantee your own safety first and call ENRA: 0228 – 520 000. They will arrange your pick-up (By VHD) . The driver will bring you either to your destination, starting point or dealer. The driver will pick you up within 30 – 45min.