Recruitment process at QWIC

When applying for a position at QWIC, we like to make sure you always know what’s going on. Therefore, we keep our recruitment process straight-forward so that you can get to know us smoothly and decide whether we could offer you the right challenge. In 5 efficient steps we assess the skills you bring to the table and evaluate whether you match our team spirit and our company values.

Step 1: Online application

You found a position that’s perfect for you? Amazing, we can’t wait to know all about your motivation & experience! Submit your application on our career site by simply clicking on the ‘apply’ button and filling in relevant information. Once you’ve done this, you can lean back, the first hurdle is taken! In the meantime, we will carefully review your application. We do receive a lot of them, but our recruiters go out of their way to update you as fast as possible, so you will usually hear from us within a week.

Pro tip: make sure you meet formal requirements for your job. If you really want to stand out, think about attaching a video of you shortly introducing yourself so that we can get a more personal impression of you!

Step 2: Short phone screening

Your application stands out from the crowd! Naturally, we are curious and want to know more about you. One of our recruiters will call you to have a short & friendly chat of about 10 – 15 minutes. We want to get a first impression of your skills and previous work experiences but also give you a first idea of what our company culture looks like and what atmosphere you can expect. If you have any questions regarding the position, this is the perfect opportunity to just shoot from the heart, although we are obviously open for questions anytime. After the call we will discuss your application within the team and let you know within a week if we’d like to continue with you in the second round – 1st interview!

Pro tip: think about questions you might have or uncertainties you might face – we’d love to help you!

Step 3: 1st interview

We’re excited to get to know you! In this first interview you’ll talk to a recruiter and a member of your future team. It will take approx. 45 – 60 min in which we’d like to dig a little deeper into your experiences, challenges you’ve faced and successes you’ve had. Additionally, we want to find out more about your work structure and strategies and see how you come up with solutions to a given job-related problem. And again, there’ll be enough time for all your questions. Our recruitment team will let you know within a week if we think you match our team spirit.

Pro tip: check out our company’s values on our website and read some of our blog entries to get an idea of our company culture. Maybe you have some examples to share on how you embody them/ why you would fit in our family.

Step 4: Assignment

In the meantime, we’ll ask you to do an assignment which may be a psychometric test via Equalture or a job-related task. The goal is to see your described skills and strong points in action to broaden the picture. You’ll have a week to finish and hand the assignment in. We will review it and reach a decision in a short period of time. For certain leading positions we might want to give an additional assignment, but we’ll let you know about this in time so that you can prepare for it!

Pro tip: the assignment will vary depending on the vacancy so there aren’t a lot of things you can prepare. What you can do though is make sure you find a place where you can really concentrate and won’t be distracted.

Step 5: 2nd interview

This interview will be more technical than the first one. We will dive deeper into your competences and experiences from past jobs and tasks. You will meet some more members of the team, get a feeling of our atmosphere and our work ethic but most importantly get to know your future colleagues! This will take another 45-60 minutes after which the team will discuss

Pro tip: You can prepare yourself for this interview by giving some specific examples of what projects you worked on in the past and how that is related to your work with us.

Step 6: Outcome

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far, convinced us with your personality, skills, and problem-solving attitude? We’re so excited to make you an offer! One of our recruiters will call you to let you know about our decision and answer any remaining questions. And don’t forget it’s YOUR decision first and foremost to hopefully join QWIC and get on board with our QWIC family!